Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 19th Reading

And so it begins...our first reading at the Annex Live,
our seventh reading since August 2009
and the inception of the reading series.


Giovanna Riccio, our emcee, kicking off the proceedings.

Friend of the NSNIG Judy Lipp with the poets 
Paul Zemokhol and Monika Rosas.

 Poet Monika Rosas kicked off the readings as the first reader.

Emcee and poet Giovanna Riccio with the writer Kathleen Whelan.

The writer Erika DeVasconcelos, author of two books


Erika reading from a work-in-progress.


Erika with husband Nino Ricci.

Writer Andrew Smith, author of Edith's War, launched this spring.

Writer Noreen Shanahan

Friends of the NSNIG Andrew and Joe enjoying the reading.
Joe's parents and sisters came over on the Saturnia as well!
Please see below for more info.

Filmmaker Ferdinando Dell'Omo, one of the directors of the forthcoming documentary on the passengers, and the children of the passengers, of the Saturnia, an immigrant ship which transported thousands of Italian-born immigrants to Canada in the 1950s and 60s
and which will be featured on OMNI-TV this year.

Michelle gets miked for filming during her reading. 

Marilyn and daughter Marina. Marina will also be featured in the documentary Saturnia, 
directed by Lilia Topouzova and Ferdinando Dell'Omo.
Intriguingly, our emcee Giovanna Riccio also arrived on the Saturnia.

The crew of the Saturnia film. They were filming Michelle as a participant in the film.

Michelle with the the lovely filmmaker Lily Topouzova and her partner Ferdinando.

Some backstage scenes ...

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