Thursday, June 10, 2010

June Reading

The evening of readings at Lola's Commissary on Juen 10th
began with the poet Beatriz Hausner reading
from her collection Sew Him Up

Beatriz is, among many other things,
also a Co-Founder of Quattro Books.

Writer Lina Medaglia organized the reading around the 
theme of our fascination with dolls

Lina read from her novel The Demons of Aquilonia.

Diane Bracuk warding off the paparazzi during her reading.

Diane read from her widely published and
fascinating article on the revolutionary aspects of
Barbie in mainstream culture during the 1950s.

Red hot poet and NSNIG&F co-founder 
Giovanna Riccio reading her suite of Barbie poems. 

Giovanna's book of poetry Vittorio will be published
by LyricalMyrical this summer.

Michelle Alfano, NSNIG&F co-founder, served as emcee.
Poet Sonia DiPlacido is in the front row.

Musician Tom Garrett provided a wonderful interlude 
before and after the readings and between sets.

All photographs taken by Reeves Miller. 

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