Thursday, February 10, 2011

The (Not So) Nice Italian Girls & Friends Talk About Love and Desire...

Emcee, poet & co-organizer Giovanna Riccio

Eufemia Fantettti kicks off the night's readings...
Eufemia and friends
Terry Nolan, poet
Nada Conic speaking delightfully in Latin & English. 


Poet Patty Archer
Michelle Alfano, writer and co-organizer of the series
Samantha Bernstein, poet and memoirist
Terry and friends
Linda, friend of the NSNIG&F
Rob Fujimoto, Mimi Stellino and Jennifer Gedala
Patty Archer and friend
Sibs Rob Fujimoto an Tami Fujimoto
Giovanna and friend
An appreciative crowd

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