Thursday, April 14, 2011

Launch of the Sweet Lemons 2 Anthology

Sweet Lemons 2 Co-Editors Venera Fazio and Delia DeSantis
Delia DeSantis begins the readings...

The poet Domenic Capilongo

The poet Maria Scala

Venera Fazio 
Venera and her cousin Venera 
The poet Gianna Patriarca supporting friends and colleagues...
The writer Isabella Colalillo Katz

The poet Desi DiNardo
The writer Giovanna M.R. Capozzi

Our appreciative audience...

Writer and Quattro Books President John Calabro

The writer Bruna DiGiuseppe-Bertoni reading with a little help from Giovanna

The writer Darlene Madott

Emcee Michelle Alfano with Venera and Delia
The emcee's libation...

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