Monday, May 2, 2011

Launch of Strong Bread

Quattro Books is publishing 
Strong Bread 
Giovanna Riccio's first full length book of poems
May 17, 2011 
7:30 pm
268 Augusta Ave. 
(just south of College)

All featured writers/poets:
HEIDI GRECO: Shrinking Violets (Novella series)
Aside from the fact that she was born with bright orange hair, Reggie has always felt pretty ordinary. She works as a supermarket cashier, and her life as a single mother isn’t exactly what she’d wanted. But just when things start going the way she thinks they’re supposed to, she discovers that even that road isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Shrinking Violets is tautly written with enough surprises to keep the reader thoroughly engaged.

KOOM KANKESAN: The Panic Button (Novella series)
Thambi Navaratnam is a young Tamil living with his mother and brother in Scarborough. He wholeheartedly intends to avoid the fate of his brother: arranged marriage. But it’s all anyone can talk about. Marriage...marriage...marriage. To add fuel to the fire, his father, who has been separated from their family for more than twenty-five years, is finally escaping Sri Lanka and coming to Toronto. The problem: none of them know that Thambi has been seeing a white woman who wants nothing more than what she has. A first in Canadian fiction, The Panic Button is a heartfelt story, cut to the bone and told with verve, about the pains and pleasures of immigrant Tamil life.

GIOVANNA RICCIO: Strong Bread (Poetry series)
These elegantly crafted works of social and psychological realism, counterpointed with expressionistic and surrealist textures, employ a language teeming with images, ideas and rhythms. This versatile book of travel poems, portraits, a long dramatic monologue, epistolary, and catalogue pieces will leave the reader emotionally and intellectually gratified. “Emotional and graceful, the words dance and sing across the page.”

ROSEMARY AUBERT: Rough Wilderness: The Imaginary Love Poems of the Abbess Heloise
Rough Wilderness chronicles one of the most famous tales of love, betrayal, and redemption. Heloise and Abelard were medieval scholars whose taboo-breaking affair shocked clerics and fellow scholars and assured the star-crossed pair a place in history. These poems are contemporary in subject and tone, but also explore some of the more complex modes that have come down to us, including sonnets, pantoums, villanelles and others.

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